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Journalism masterclass

  • Dato og tid:
    December 8th, 14.00
  • Hvor:
    Pressens hus, Skippergata 24, 0154 Oslo
  • Pris:
  • Åpent for:
  • Arrangør:
    Institutt for Journalistikk, SKUP and, the Foundation for a Critical and Investigative Press (SKUP) and the Norwegian Institute for Journalism (IJ) will arrange a workshop and a digital seminar for invited and visiting journalists ahead of the award ceremony in Oslo City Hall. 

Both the workshop and the seminar will focus on tools and methods for journalists and editors who work under challenging conditions. Examples of tools are fact checking and verification, document search, investigation and cross-border collaboration. 

Portrettbilde av Kristoffer Rønneberg
The open session and webinar will be hosted by journalist Kristoffer Rønneberg. Aftenposten

Journalism Masterclass aims to make journalism stronger, and will be held at Pressens hus in Oslo.The Masterclass will also be streamed to an international audience. The seminar is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This year, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Maria Ressa from the Philippines and Dimitrij Muratov from Russia for their efforts for freedom of expression, which is a prerequisite for democracy and lasting peace.

Both in the Philippines and in Russia, journalists are experiencing increased pressure, both from the authorities and in more informal channels, such as social media. It is crucial for press freedom that journalists meet the challenges that follow. 



International Journalism Masterclass, Norwegian Press house  

Tuesday, December 7th – by invitation only

Wednesday, December 8th  

09.00-12.00: Factchecking/ dealing with misinformation –  by invitation only  

12.00-14.00: Lunch and break

14.00-16.30: Open event and webinar, stramed: The experience of journalists and factcheckers around the world. And how to deal with challenges

Watch the webinar here:

16.30-19.00: Prime-minister Jonas Gahr Støre is attending the opening of the Norwegian Press House

Thursday, December 9th 

Optional program at the Norwegian Press house 

09.00-12.00: Covering the Barents region

12.00: Lunch TBA

1530-1615: How to work globally on press freedom Amund Trellevik in conversation withNadia Azhgikhina og Barbara Trionfi.

1800-1900: IAWRT/PH: What happens when women’s voices in media are silence. With Violet Gonda (Zimbabwe), Najiba Ayjubi (Afghanistan) og Lady Ann (Icy) Salem (Filippinene)


Contact: Siri Skaalmo, Norwegian Institute of Journalism, +47 93256338.